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Top 7 Fridge Problems

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Top 7 Fridge Problems

Every homeowner is forced to face challenging issues with appliances on a regular basis, and the refrigerator can be one of the most difficult to manage.


Starting with the problem of defrost which can affect at least one, if not both, of the refrigerator and freezer. Potential symptoms include warming of the refrigerator even when the freezer is working well, or on the opposite side the refrigerator working comfortably while the freezer builds up a collection of frost. These are just some of the indicators that the defroster may need repaired or replaced in your fridge. Sometimes it can take an appliance professional to determine what needs fixed, whether it be the defrost heater, timer or bi-metal thermostat. That is what Appliance CPR services are here to help with.


The next problem can include the basic fact that the ice maker or water dispenser suddenly stops working. Most appliance booklets will inform you that the water filter needs to be replaced regularly every six months, and a common question is whether or not this is completely essential. Without the replacement of the filter, there is always the potential that “floaties” appear in the water or ice first before condensing inside the fridge where more reparation is needed. Then, of course, there is the possibility that both the ice maker and water dispenser stop working due to this build up. If you notice any of these things, such as the “floaties”, or reduced water pressure from the dispenser, as well as one or both functions stopping suddenly, the service workers here at Appliance CPR are always here to help determine and fix the problem.


Another common problem with any refrigerator can be condensation building up on the floor of the fridge for a long time without your notice. While most refrigerators are set up to deal with a common amount of condensation with a drain at the bottom, there are some regular consumer behaviors that can intensify this effect. Sometimes it can be issues as simple as the door being left open too long while pulling groceries in or out, leftover food can be placed into the refrigerator at too warm a temperature or the temperature setting can be out of balance with the overall setting of the room or alongside the freezer. If you take evaluation of your own activities and cannot find a result that may help reduce condensation, then the service providers here at Appliance CPR are here to help with an evaluation. We are the proudest to help diagnose and fix refrigerator problems as quickly as possible.


An additional very common problem with the refrigerator is the buildup of ice in the freezer, especially considering a sheet of ice at the floor of the freezer. The defroster of the fridge can be the most common source of this problem, usually a clog in the defroster. While it may not be this simple, and this may not be the only symptom or problem, Appliance CPR is always here to help solve the problem. While in addition to the ice on the floor of the freezer there may also be little ice crisps building up around the appliance there could be more issues than just this one, so it can be quite helpful to have the assistance of a professional serviceman to determine the best overall solution.


Even more common, have you ever noticed that there is a small puddle coming from the bottom of your refrigerator? There are so many potential sources for this issue, including the defrost drain, drain pan, ice maker or water filter. While there can be clogs in the filters or waterlines, there can also be cracks or damages to any part of the defroster, drain or pan. There can be a great deal of evaluation needed to determine each and every issue at the basis of this problem, and that is one thing that the Appliance CPR professionals are here to do.


One of the very most common problems is that a freezer is not freezing well. While there is this one overall basic problem, there are many different potential reasons for this issue. There are many different little parts of the freezer that may have been broken or damaged over time, from the evaporator to the compressor or even the drain, that examination and diagnosis of the problem can be time-consuming. Luckily, the service professionals here at Appliance CPR are here to work alongside you with the evaluation of your freezer to determine the source of the problem and solve it as quickly as possible.


And, finally… there is always the eminent “sound” coming from the freezer. We all know that there are a number of different sounds from a small crackling noise to an ever so slight buzz. There is always that time in the middle of the night when we get up for a glass of water and that tiny little annoying noise makes it hard to go back to sleep. However, the sources of these different noises can vary every so greatly. Sometimes it is simply the compressor or condenser fan while other times it can be the evaporator or drain in process. This can take some of the longest time to diagnose and fix, but that is exactly what Appliance CPR is here to do for you.


Even if it is another appliance instead of or addition to your refrigerator we are here to help! In addition to our Appliance CPR website we are here to take your call at (647) 478-9692. Our professionals are here to provide any advice or service needed to keep all of your appliances up to date.