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Tips to Extend life of Appliances

Tips to Extend life of Appliances

While many like to say that things don’t last as long as they used to, it’s also important to note that many of us tend to neglect our appliances. Like anything in life, neglect results in malfunction and failure. If you want your appliances to last as long as possible, remember the following sound words of advice:

Proper cleaning and care

When cleaning your fridge and freezer, you need to clean the interior as well as the condenser coils. You can buy a special condenser brush for this task if you like. Many freezers are frost-free these days. If you have one that requires manual defrosting, you should do so at least once a year or whenever you notice that it needs to be done. You can use plastic scrapers to remove the ice. Never use sharp objects or metal.

Your oven should also be cleaned regularly, and experts advise against using the self-cleaning feature since this can cause significant damage. Any filters in your oven, dishwasher, fridge, extractor fan, and similar appliances should be cleaned and replaced as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Using your appliance with dirty filters puts strain on the appliance and increases the chances of dirt reaching places that it should not.

Dishwashing liquid is made for dishwashers. Do not use regular dishwashing liquid since it will not prove effective and it can clog the system over time. Always clear your plates and give them a quick rinse before placing in the dishwasher. Food build up can cause problems with any dishwasher.

As time-consuming as it might be to do two loads of laundry rather than one, it’s important to never overload the machine. Your clothes will not be properly washed at the end of the cycle, and you might even end up with detergent residue on some items. It also places far too much strain on the washing machine itself. If you have a dryer, make sure that you check the lint screen regularly and clean it out. Built-up lint can be a fire hazard.

Regular maintenance

From time to time, you might need to perform some form of maintenance. It’s important that you inspect your appliances regularly for wear and tear. By maintaining and cleaning them regularly, you’ll get that much more use out of them.

Timely repairs

When you notice a problem with an appliance, it’s essential that you look into it immediately. If you allow a small problem to remain unchecked, it can cause more extensive and expensive damage. A minor repair also takes less time and effort than a major one.

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