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At Appliance CPR, our team of professionals offers repairs on all brands and all household appliances at affordable prices. We perform repairs on everything from washers and dryers to refrigerators, stoves and everything in between. Since appliances often break down at the most inconvenient times, we offer fast 24/7 service.


When your washer develops any kind of problem, it can be extremely troubling and stressful. There are few things worse than spending hours hunched over the basin or bathtub in an effort to wash just a fraction of your bucket of laundry. Clean clothes are not a luxury but rather a necessity, especially when it comes to work and work uniforms. If you notice any of the following common washer problems, you should contact our team immediately for speedy repairs.

Same Day Washer Repairs

When your washer gives you any trouble, it’s important that the repairs be conducted sooner rather than later. Water trapped inside the machine can cause other parts to degrade, and the smell of stagnant water is also really unpleasant. Not to mention the inconvenience of having to hand wash all your laundry or frequent trips to the local laundromat.


We understand the important role each of your household appliances plays in your daily life. This is the very reason behind our honest and fast approach to all repairs. When we perform any washer repair or repairs on other household appliances, we make customer satisfaction our top priority.



The cause of a washer not spinning depends on the type of washing machine. If the machine is not draining, it might not spin either. There could be balance sensor issues or motor problems. If your washer drum does not turn at all, then it is often the motor, belts, brushes, or the motor controller the blame.

The pump is usually to blame when your washer doesn’t drain. If your machine is full of water, you might want to try running the drainage pipe to a lower lying drain or a few buckets. Let gravity work to get the water out while you wait for the repairer to arrive.

If you have a washer with a digital controller, you may notice any one of several faults. From not starting to getting stuck mid-cycle, the controller might need a software reset or replacement. This can often prove to be one of the most expensive parts on most washing machines.

Washers are not completely silent, but if they make a strange or loud noise, you should have it checked. Some common causes for noisy washers include objects stuck in the drum, objects stuck in the drain pump, and bearings that have failed or are in the process of failing.

The washer door should unlock as soon as the cycle has completed. If this does not happen, it could be a faulty door mechanism. Call an expert as soon as possible so that your wet laundry does not remain in the washer for longer than it has to.

If the washer does not turn on at all, you should check to make sure that your power is on and that everything is connected as it should be. Test the plug with another appliance to make sure that the fault is not with the plug itself. Check the digital panel if you have a wash with a digital controller. If there is absolutely no power running to the washer, it could be something internal. Call in the pros to locate the source of the problem.