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Why your oven is not heating properly

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Why your oven is not heating properly

Heating problems and temperature regulation issues are two of the most common oven problems. Both of which making cooking your favorite meal a tall order, if not impossible. Since there are a number of components responsible for heating your oven to the perfect temperature, there are also several things that could be to blame when your oven breaks down.

If you have an electric oven, you should always keep an eye on the heating elements. When they become faulty, it’s usually due to normal wear and tear. Just think about the elements on a heater and how they last for a considerably long time. After regular use and over a period of time, you can expect them to fail at some point. The good news is that they can be replaced but, remember, this should only be done by a professional. Not only can DIY repairs result in further damage, but you could end up with a fire hazard on your hands if you don’t perform the repairs with absolute precision.

Your oven should also have a temperature sensor which helps regulate the temperature according to the setting you have selected. When this happens, your oven could run hot or cold. Either way, the result is not a delicious meal cooked to perfection. This problem can be resolved fairly quickly provided you have the right parts and tools.

Gas ovens are also popular in many homes and, like electric ovens, they often require repairs once in a while. The gas ignitor is located at the back of the oven, and it is the most common cause behind gas oven problems. Remember, gas and electric ovens both operate at high temperatures, and this is all the more reason to hire a professional. The proper steps must always be taken when repairing any oven in order to ensure safety. Trained and experienced appliance repair technicians understand this process and will perform repairs quickly without all the unnecessary risks that go along with DIY repairs.

If the fault is with the thermostat or selector switch, it’s similar to a faulty temperature sensor. Your oven will not reach or maintain a set temperature, and this leads to undesirable results. This is not always one of the easiest problems to diagnose. Especially if you are not fully equipped. Let your technician take a look at the problem, and they will be able to tell you if the thermostat is indeed to blame. Should this be the case, the good news is that it is usually quite easy to fix and you’ll have your oven back in working order sooner than you think.

At the back of the temperature dial, you will usually find a calibration dial. This dial can be adjusted using a screwdriver, but even half a turn can have a significant effect on the temperature at which your oven runs. Your technician should be familiar with the brand of your oven as well as the model. This is why it is important to provide them with the model or serial number when you make that call.It will give them enough time to look up any specifications and source parts if necessary.

The relays in your electric oven can also burn out over time and as the result of normal wear and tear. Since each relay is connected to a heating element, it’s important that they are replaced by a professional. Any substandard repairs could put other parts of your oven at risk of failure.

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