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The importance of regular dryer vent cleaning

Dryer with clothes

The importance of regular dryer vent cleaning

Dryers make it that much faster and easier when it comes to doing laundry. Not having to wait for your laundry to air dry is convenient and helps you save plenty of time. When drying your clothes, you might not think twice about the regular maintenance that your dryer requires. The vents of your dryer can get blocked really quickly and, if left unchecked, this can prove to be a fire risk.

The first tip to remember is that you should always check and clean your dryer lint trap before and after use. This is where you will find most of your lint build up but it’s not the only place all that fluff likes to hide. So many people don’t take dryer cleaning to the next level, and this is where the greatest risk becomes a reality.

Your dryer will have an air vent that allows all that hot air to flow freely out your home instead of remaining inside. While you might like the idea of extra heat in the winter, using your dryer in the summer would be torture without this vent. Not to mention all the dust. After regular use, this vent will accumulate dust, debris, and various fibers. In some cases, you may even notice small animals making themselves at home in the vent. This is because of the wonderful warmth and cozy nature of the tube itself. For obvious reasons, a nest inside the vent would present a serious fire risk.

There are an alarming number of household fires that can be prevented every year simply by paying attention to something as simple as regular maintenance and cleaning. The first step is to inspect your dryer vent to make sure that it has been properly installed. It’s also a good idea to inspect the vent regularly to make sure that it is still perfectly installed and not damaged in any way. The vent should be 35 feet in length at the most, and there should be as few bends as possible.

Another important tip is to make sure that the vent is metal and not vinyl or plastic. Metal will not melt, and it does not pose the same fire risk as other materials. You should have a fixture on the exterior of your home that keeps the vent shut when your dryer is not in use but opens when you turn your dryer on. This allows hot air out but keeps water and small animals out of the vent when your dryer is not in use. Whenever you use your dryer, you should always double check to make sure that the vent opens as it should. If not, stop your dryer and repair the vent before continuing with your drying cycle. In addition, don’t forget to check the vent for debris on a regular basis. Cleaning out the vents at least a couple of times a year is an essential preventative measure.

Make sure that you also keep your dryer and the surrounding area clean and free of dust. If you have a dusty laundry room, this will take its toll on your dryer. You can use your vacuum cleaner to clean any areas that you cannot normally reach with your fingers or brushes. It’s also a great way of ensuring that dirt comes out rather than becoming further embedded inside your dryer.

If you notice that your dryer is getting too hot or hotter than usual, you may want to keep a closer eye on it. If you clothes are coming out damaged due to excessive heat, this could be cause for concern, and it’s best to have a professional diagnose and repair any problems. It’s never a good idea to use a faulty dryer- no matter how desperately you need a particular item of clothing. Contact Appliance CPR at (647) 478-9692 for 24/7 repair services throughout the GTA.